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Multiple Drum Heating System


  • The Working Voltage – 110V/230V/440V
  • Maximum Temperature – up to 200°C
  • Material of Construction – SS or MS
  • Insulation – Rockwool 100mm
  • Capacity – 2-4-8-12-16-24-32-48
  • Heating Methods – Electric, Steam, Hot water, Thermic fluid


To overcome the growing demand of uninterrupted availability of raw material, we have designed multiple drum heating systems. The system can heat multiple drums ranging from 2 up to 48 drums in one batch.


  • Safe to use – The system adheres all the safety standards currently in place in various countries. It not only reduces the human exposure to harmful chemicals but also ensures that it doesn’t get mixed with nature.

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  • Various drum loading options – Our user-centric design principles ensure that our products are easy to use. We provide various drum loading options to makes the whole process easier and safer.
  • Temperature Stability – Double temperature protection fail safe comes as a standard on all our heating systems. Various other temperature controlling devices can be accommodated as per user requirement. It minimizes error and prevents fatal accidents.
  • Low operating costs – The well composed ventilated heating chamber with complete internal recirculation, the actual operating costs are low as compared to various traditional methods currently in use.
  • Energy efficient – The whole system consists of metallic structure with closing walls made of insulating sandwich panels of mineral fiber between galvanized steel plates with total thickness of 100mm. This ensures minimum heat loss.
  • Robust construction – Our systems are designed to withstand heavy industrial load of operations. The structural members are designed after complete stress analysis taking the heating component into consideration.
  • Custom Designed – Every part of the system is designed as per the user requirements and considering the surrounding temperature profile of the location of the system. It ensures min time of heating available. Various options of drum stacking are made available to make maximum utilization of available floor space.
  • Less Pollution – Our systems ensure that no hazardous chemicals or gases will escape into the surrounding without proper treatment. In addition to that various pollution control devices can be made available.

Additional accessories available

Various add on equipment made available in order to increase the usability of the systems.

  1. An Exhaust blower to be fitted in order to remove any contaminated air in the heating chamber after heating. This ensures minimum exposure of the user to chemical.
  2. Drum rotating feature.
  3. Spillage containment trays are provided at the bottom coupled with alarms that ensure safe heating and minimize the wastage of material in case of an accident.
  4. Door limit switches coupled with the main system controls, are placed on our systems in order to prevent accidents due to human error.
  5. Independent fire extinguishing system can be fitted in the heating compartments.
  6. The heating compartment can be modified for as per varying requirement of drum heaters. This option lets user close compartments when not in use. It minimizes the power consumption.
  7. Additional Temperature probes can be made available to control or monitor actual material temperature inside the drum or IBC.
  8. Nitrogen purging.
3d model explaining various other features of the oven.

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