Oil Bath.

Oil Baths are available in round and rectangular shape for laboratories, for 20,50,100, 200 Liter Capacity Glass Flask. Thermic Oil is used as the medium of heat transfer, where heating is done through the Electric Heaters.

Seperate Digital Indicator cum controller is provided on the body itself. Seperate digital controller can alsobe provided as per the need of the Customers be.

Technical Specification :-

  • Heaters are made Flame Proof by covering the Heating Elements by S.S. Tube insulated with the M. G. O, Powder.
  • Flame Proof Material submersible heaters are Provided to the Oil Bath.
  • S.S. Cooling Coil is Attached to the Bath for the faster cooling of the Material in the Bath.
  • Cooling coil is Tested at the 2 Kg/Sq. Inch pressure.
  • PTR 100 Ohms Sensor is provided with the digital controller to measure the Temparature.
  • Digital controller saves the energy that is needed for the heating a particular chemical as it provides accurate control and avoides overheating of material.



Catalouge No.NKJOB
Electric Oil Bath for Glass Plant, Reasearch Laboratories

Catalogue no. Capacity Watts. Volts.
NKJOB 1 10 Litre 1500 X 1No. 230
NKJOB 2 20 Litre 3000 X 1No. 230
NKJOB 3 50 Litre 4000 X 1No. 415
NKJOB 4 100 Litre 3000 X 2No. 415
NKJOB 5 200 Litre 3000 X 2No. 415

Note : - Flask with bottom discharge, water sealing assembly charges extra as per size of dia. of discharge pipe.

Note :- We have Appliaed for the License of the FLP Certificate for Oil Baths which will be procured in due cource of time