Electrical Hot Plates.

Available in rectangular and round shape.

Surface working temparature 300°c.


Catalogue No. NKJHP
Electric Hot Plate suitable for Glass backer,

Glass Vessel, Aluminium, S.S. Pots, etc.

Catalogue no. Size (cms) Watts. Volts.
NKJHP 1 20 1000 230
NKJHP 2 22.5 1500 230
NKJHP 3 30 2000 230

With Thermostatic temp. control regulator with temp. range from 50º C to 300º C., 3 way heat control awitch, indicating lamps etc. Thick guage M.S. Sheet is used for outer casing and paint eith industrial hammerton paint finish. Also Available in Powder Coating.







Electrical Hot Plate is also available with the Digital controller.This comes with digital indicator cum controller, dual display, for better accuracy and control for the chemical temperature. This hot plate is fitted with digitalcontroller which shows the Actual and the set temperature at a same time.