Electrical Heating Jacket

Theses jackets are used for processing kettle, storage tank, drums etc; it can heat liquids upto 300o C The heating elements of the jackets is perfectly insulated by glass sleeving. Fibreglass cloth is used for heating surface.Thick gauge M S sheet is used for outer casing, heating jacket is lagged with glass wool insulation with maximum thickness to achive high efficency.

A seperate temperature control unit is provided with temperature control regulators switches , pilot lamps etc. Electric heating jackets are tailor made as per requirment. Send us the following deatails about your requirment.

Over all size of the Vessale.- Height, Lenght, Diameter etc. of the same the liquid to be heated in the same the maximum temparature to be heated in the jacket.


Heating Jacket asused in the plant

Heating Jacket used in the chemical plant for the S. S. Vessel capacity 300 litres. The Jacket has Three Heating parts.