Electric Drum Heater. / Flame Proof Drum Heater.

Electric Drum Heater is used to melt material with in the drum, and then can be extracted or removed from the Standard Drum of 200 Kg. Available for the standard size 200kg. MS Drum. Working Temperature of the Drum Heater is 150°c Max.

It is also available in two types which is Flame proof and Non-Flame Proof Drum Heater.

Standard Electric Drum Heater is fitted with two types heaters, side heaters and bottom heaters.

FLP control panel is provided separately from the unit, it is fitted with the digital control for the accurate temparature control.

  • Heaters are made Flame Proof by covering the Heating Elements by S.S. Tube insulated with the M. G. O., Powder.
  • FLP -WP Control Panel is Provided to the System for the Accurate Temparature Control
  • It comes with Digital Temparature indicator cum Controller with PTR 100 Ohms Sensor for Accurate control of the Temperature.
  • Temparature controller does not allow to Shoot the Temparature beyond the Set value by User.
  • Standard 9 K. W. Load is Applied to the Drum Heater.


Top view

Drum Heater where the entire drum can be inserted and the Semi solid material can be liquified. It comes with seperate temparature control pannel which can be wall-mounted.


Note :- We have Appliaed for the License of the FLP Certificate for Drum Heaters which will be procured in due cource of time